The Lend-A-Hand Center

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About the Center:

The Lend-A-Hand Center is a nonprofit community service organization located in Walker, Kentucky.

Papers & Presentations

To Lend A Hand: A History and Analysis of the Lend-A-Hand Center in the Stinking Creek Community of Knox County, Kentucky
Lend-A-Hand Thesis Prezi Presentation
RWSA Presentation: Promoting Justice through Service: A Gendered Analysis of the Lend-A-Hand Center

Oral Histories:

Lend-A-Hand Center Oral History Project
War on Poverty Oral History Project: Interview with Irma Gall from November 5, 1989


Featured in “A Better Life for Mountain Mothers” by Louise Hutchins in Mountain Life & Work magazine, 1958, Vol. 34, no. 3


To Lend A Hand (Lamp Unto My Feet CBS Special)
December 14, 1969
IMDB Info:

Kentucky Time Capsule: Tell Me Where it Hurts (1970s) (Stinking Creek Section begins around 5:40)

Return to Stinking Creek: A Personal War on Poverty (USA Today 2008)

A mention of the Lend-A-Hand Center from the book Our Kentucky: A Study of the Bluegrass State edited by James C. Klotter ( The clip below is from page 205 from the chapter “Women’s Quest for Reform” by Carol Crowe-Carraco.

LAH in Klotter



One thought on “The Lend-A-Hand Center

  1. thank you for being interest about Lend A Hand and filming my grandparents Mr. and Mrs.Hopkins this is a joyful moment which brought back good thoughts of the times I spent with them.Thank you


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