ASA Conference Preliminary Program

This week the Preliminary Program for the Appalachian Studies Conference was released. It is available here.

As Y’ALL (Young Appalachian Leaders and Learners) Co-chairs Jordan Laney and I have been working hard getting events and panels together.

Here are some highlights:

Y’ALL will be sponsoring the following special events at ASA 2016:

Saturday March 19th, 7:00-8:30 p.m. “Y’ALL Comm. Meet and Eat,” Dining Hall. All those interested in the work of Young Appalachian Leaders and Learners are invited to attend our annual meeting. Dinner with vegetarian options provided.

Saturday, March 19th, 9:30 p.m. Y’ALL/STAY/IG2BYITM  Mixer, Town Run Brewing Company, 202 E. Washington St. Join Young Appalachian Leaders and Learners, Stay Together Appalachian Youth, and It’s Good to Be Young in the Mountain folks to socialize, network, and learn about the work of other young people doing important work in the region.

T-shirts! Y’ALL will be sponsoring a screen-printing station at the conference. Bring tshirts, sweatshirts, canvas bags, or any other items you would like printed! Donations for scholarship funds will be accepted at the printing station.

During the conference join us for two Y’ALL Sponsored Roundtable Discussions:

Y’ALL Professional Advancement Roundtable

Katie Teal, chair
Saturday, March 19, 10:00-11:15
Young Appalachian Leaders and Learners is a committee seeking to connect young people in Appalachia by breaking past the walls of institutions and encouraging engagement, leadership, activism, and collegiality among young people in Appalachia. This roundtable will focus on professional advancement with the intention of providing attendees with knowledge of resources to be successful in their professional and scholarly endeavors within Appalachia. In this panel we will support efforts of young people to more fully, understand professional development within the trans-disciplinary world of Appalachian Studies. This roundtable hopes to broaden and deepen critical discussions about the unique places and work Appalachian scholars, artists and activists navigate. Guests participating in this conversational, intergenerational roundtable include: Steve Fisher, Robert Gipe, Lora Smith, Sandy Ballard, and Shaunna Scott.

Building an Intersectional Youth Movement in Appalachia

Kendall Bilbrey, chair
Sunday, March 20th, 10:45-12:00
Across the Central Appalachian region, young people are working together to build inclusive communities. Groups like the STAY Project (Stay Together Appalachian Youth)  and YALL (Young Appalachian Leaders and Learners) are working together to form regional networks that intentionally hold space for youth voices in Appalachia. We realize that our panel does not represent every perspective of building inclusive communities and intersectionality in youth movement work. We encourage those voices often left out such as youth of  color, queer and transgender youth, and low-income youth to come and participate in our discussion. Please join us!

Jordan and I will also be presenting on a special roundtable discussing the recently released book Women of the Mountain South.

“Examining Feminism in Appalachia through Historical Scholarship: A Discussion of Women of the Mountain South 

Friday, March 19, 1:00-2:15
Convener: Barbara Ellen Smith. Roundtable Participants: Kathryn Engle, University of Kentucky; Connie Park Rice, West Virginia University; Marie Tedesco, East Tennessee State University; Rachel Terman, Ohio State University; Jordan Laney, Virginia Tech; Brandi Slider Weekley, West Virginia University.

This panel explores the concept of Appalachian feminism(s) through a discussion of the recently released book Women of the Mountain South: Identity, Work, and Activism. The panel will begin to explore questions such as: What is Appalachian feminism? Is there an Appalachian feminism? Are there several Appalachian feminisms? How has it changed over time? How is it different/similar to other forms of feminism? How does it fit into wider conceptualizations of feminism? Who is an Appalachian feminist? What are the aims of Appalachian feminism? What is an Appalachian feminist theoretical perspective? How does feminism in Appalachia connect with other social movements? How we can use historical scholarship to examine feminism in Appalachia? Are historical examinations necessary for understanding Appalachian feminism?

Joining in conversation with the authors, emerging and established scholars and activists will explore themes related to the notion of “women” and “activism” in the mountains. Our intention for this roundtable is to initiate a conversation about feminism in Appalachia to be continued in future conferences.

I will also be sharing our Grow Appalachia poster: Growing Appalachia: Local Foods & Community Development in Knox County, Kentucky

Hope to see everyone at Shepherd in March!



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