Poking Around in Oral History Collections

Earlier this month I submitted an application to the Kentucky Oral History Commission to do an oral history project in the Stinking Creek watershed of Knox County. The project will focus on agricultural histories and people’s experiences with the Lend-A-Hand Center. Oral history has a rich history within Appalachian Studies with projects such as the multi-state Appalachian Oral History Project.

I went looking through some existing oral history collections and here is some of what I found:

Collections: UK Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, EKU William H. Berge  Oral History Center, KOHC Pass the Word, Knox Historical Museum, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, & ASU W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection

Nunn Center Appalachia Oral History Collection: http://www.kentuckyoralhistory.org/collections/appalachia-oral-history-collection

Nunn Center War on Poverty Oral History Project: http://www.kentuckyoralhistory.org/series/18752/war-poverty-oral-history-project including interview with Irma Gall from November 5, 1989: http://www.kentuckyoralhistory.org/interviews/21735

Nunn Center Family Farms of Kentucky Oral History Collection: http://www.kentuckyoralhistory.org/collections/family-farms-kentucky-oral-history-collection

Knox County Oral History Project: http://passtheword.ky.gov/collection/knox-county-oral-history-project

Lend-A-Hand Center Oral History Project: http://passtheword.ky.gov/collection/lend-hand-center-oral-history-project

Oral History and Appalachia Research Aid: http://collections.library.appstate.edu/research-aids/oral-history-and-appalachia


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